We have had a lengthy experience with our house building adventures. It all goes back to April 2007, however things look like they might finally be happening! This object of this blog is to keep everyone updated on the progress :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Painting, doors and kitchen delivery...

As the title says, that's what has happened in the last week :) The kitchen arrived a week later than we thought it would, so we probably assumed the wrong week I'd imagine! We have had the walls painted, the internal doors have been hung (did I mention that last post? Can't remember :S ), and the kitchen arrived yesterday. It will probably be installed next week, I have yet to talk to the site supervisor about it.
Sorry, no photos today, only an update. I haven't been in the house for about a week now as no-one's been working there when I visit. I hope to get a photo opportunity next time I cross paths with a friendly tradesman working there :)

Tamsin :)

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